[Eng] 2PM to continue without Jaebeom! ..

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[Eng] 2PM to continue without Jaebeom! .. Empty [Eng] 2PM to continue without Jaebeom! ..

Post by Azn_Viicky on Thu Sep 17, 2009 9:25 pm

After much drama surrounding leader Jaebeom leaving 2PM, JYP has finally released an official statement regarding 2PM's future activities.

Unfortunately, 2PM will continue activities as 6-members, as JYP is stating that Jaebeom does not want to return as of now.

Whether Jaebeom not wanting to return is the truth or not, we have yet to hear. But as of now, 2PM will be 6 members.

Official statement:
Hello, this is JYP.

For the past five days we have listened to what many people had to say
regarding the Jaebeom incident. We have listened to the rebukes towards
Jaebeom, the rebukes toward our company, and many of you telling us to
give him another chance has been carefully heard.

We have carefully and thoroughly discussed what the next moves are
regarding our company, the 2PM members, and Jaebeom. Jaebeom has been
receiving many encouraging comments from many fans, but his feelings
about his wrong doings has still not changed. He still feels sorry and
embarrassed for what he did and is not able to perform on stage.
Jaebeom has pleaded to not cancel 2PM's activities which was the result
of the sweat, blood and tears of the other six members, just because of
what he has done. He has said this is the reason why he must leave 2PM.

I also agree with Jaebeom. The reason why i have not held on to Jaebeom
is because if we look towards the life ahead of him, this will not be a
big matter that will effect his whole life. Many of you are worried
that he has wasted four years of training towards his dream, but i
believe that training has not gone to waste, because if he grabs this
chance to mature as a person, Jaebeom will be able to fly better than

I believe that as harmful the words that came from Jaebeom were,
telling him to immediately leave the country was no better. I am going
to respect his decision / wish of wanting to spend some time alone, off
the stage and if and when the time comes that he tells me he is ready
to come back on stage and perform, it is my duty / role to do
everything in my power to help him with this wish. When that day comes,
I believe that's when your encouragements and cheering will truly help
him. I am once again truly sorry and apologize for not being able to
thoroughly take care of my artists. I will do my best in making sure
things like this never happen again.

I once again would like to thank all of you.

2PM will continue as a 6 member group.


Source : AllKpop

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[Eng] 2PM to continue without Jaebeom! .. Empty Re: [Eng] 2PM to continue without Jaebeom! ..

Post by miyuii on Thu Sep 17, 2009 10:28 pm

[Eng] 2PM to continue without Jaebeom! .. Icon_cry OPPA COME BACK PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Eng] 2PM to continue without Jaebeom! .. Icon_cry THE GROUP 2PM HAS 7 MEMBERS NOT 6 !!!! >____<

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[Eng] 2PM to continue without Jaebeom! .. Empty Re: [Eng] 2PM to continue without Jaebeom! ..

Post by Sunny-Kaoru on Sun Oct 25, 2009 2:54 am

Pourquoi ?!!!
Jay Come back
Plaese !!
Je suis tellement triste

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[Eng] 2PM to continue without Jaebeom! .. Empty Re: [Eng] 2PM to continue without Jaebeom! ..

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