[Eng]2PM’s Jaebeom supporters at JYP Center

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[Eng]2PM’s Jaebeom supporters at JYP Center

Post by Rym che on Sun Sep 13, 2009 11:14 pm

2PM’s Jaebeom supporters at JYP Center

At JYP Center, thousands of sticky / post-it notes were splattered all across the doors and walls of the building as supporters left messages for the fallen leader of 2PM, Jaebum. Messages stating "Leader, Don't Go." , "Please Come Back" , " You didn't do anything wrong" , "I'll wait for your return" , and hundreds of other messages were left on the notes in support. Unfortunately for Jay, he couldn't see this as left Korea, but it's nice to see him receive this kind of support.

Hopefully Jay can return to Korea one day in the near future.

Credits: Allkpop



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