it's time..introducing..xuxu (ghottest/vhottest/ihottest)

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it's time..introducing..xuxu (ghottest/vhottest/ihottest) Empty it's time..introducing..xuxu (ghottest/vhottest/ihottest)

Post by tiramixu on Mon Jan 18, 2010 4:56 pm

hi everyone Very Happy

thanks to the international 2od forum i landed here on that page..but since there's no active participation here since last year i think i won't be able to find any other german hottests here ^^

but don't worry..that's why i introduce myself here..and if there are any other german hottest or kpop fans from german language speaking countries..please join for projects !!
don't worry euhottests/ihottests..we won't clash with your projects..furthermore i hope we can join together for further projects !!

now to my 411:
everyone calls me xuxu =) i'm of vietnamese origin, but was born and lived ever since in germany and i am a hottest from the bottom of my heart. i love the dedication of hottests around the world..that's why i'm spread the love for jay/2pm =)

nice to meet you all ^^
if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask Very Happy

thank you =)

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